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How to Market your Fitness Center dramatically in one month, Amazingly in Three


How to be the number ONE Gym in your town using these “Exact” Fitness Marketing Tactics and Ad’s I use, and all about the 24 hour automated gym system I use that allows me to only work 4 hours a day 4 days a week

Fitness center gym marketing

“How I took Gym from 50 members to over 300 in less than 3 months, Doubled my Prices, and stayed there”

by: Shannon Cook

Includes exact examples of the Gym Ad’s I wrote and links to audio ad’s I ran on the radio that were super successful. Also includes website screen shots proving how I measured each one and how you can too using a simple website plug in.

You’ll also learn how I sold my gym for 5 x what it cost to start and exactly how I negotiated the sale using “Pick Up Artist Techniques”, absolutely no joke!

I’ve spent Ten years writing this book and thousands of dollars in mistakes, marketing trails, bad employees, bad members, and low cost gym’s opening near by. Then I converted my gym into to a automated 24 hour Fitness Center from scratch with no help in figuring out a system for everything.



Mark Twain said “He who totes a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way”.
I have gotten scratched by many cats in my gym owning expeditions, this is your short cut

Learn how to ensure your gym’s success

Includes Actual examples and proof this system works and how it saved my fledgling gym, and turned it into a successful 24 hour fitness center.

This system can be used for other businesses too, for example, I HAVE STARTED A 24 HOUR FULLY AUTOMATED
TANNING SALON INSIDE MY GYM USING THE SYSTEM, I also started a Drywall Company and quickly became the number one Drywall repair company in Tuscaloosa Alabama

I DID EVERYTHING WRONG BEFORE I DID ANYTHING RIGHT, but fortunately I stuck with it and found some very successful businessmen to guide me.

I innovated by turning my gym into a 24 hour fully automated gym, then SPENT OVER $20,000 and 7 Years to LEARN MARKETING THE OLD FASHIONED WAY and put it to work in my own business to see what worked and what didn’t.


Exactly what you’ll learn in this over 130 page book:

  • Marketing- 5 things you MUST do in the first week, and can do easily, that’s a “shot in the arm” for your gym marketing.
  • How to get your website up and going in as little as 2 hours and what to include in your website
  • Apps to join and use
  • Getting listed on Google and Bing
  • Radio ad writing and dozens of examples that I used and how they worked
  • How to measure your advertising
  • Road side Banners, with my examples
  • Post Card marketing, and examples of my most successful
  • USP- coming up with your unique selling proposition
  • How to offer a Guarantee, and what I used to 6x my memberships in less than 3 months
  • How to offer a free trial
  • Email systems and how to do it
  • Adwords campaigns
  • Face Book and Twitter advertising
  • YouTube and Video Tours
  • Signage for your gym and window marketing
  • Giftcards- how to offer them and a look at mine
  • Press release writing- How I got my gym into the new york times and local newspaper in the Sunday edition on the front page which started al my gym successes, see my exact gym press release
  • How I use – This is an awesome resource to get stuff done that you can’t or don’t have time to do like anything websites, videos, ad writing,music, graphic design, ect…
  •  How to use QR codes
  • Referral Marketing and the one thing I found that worked
  • Direct Marketing- all about this art form and my gym examples
  • My Handwritten business cards and the Drawing of something really funny that my wife begged me not to do, but worked out great in the end
  • What system to use for your 24 hour Gym Access System
  • All the details of the ezclub gym software system I used
  • What billing Systems I used, a fully automated credit card and bank draft software inside the gym management software. and its wonderful!!! it saved me thousands of dollars in time and lost productivity because it took me many, many hours a month to keep track of payments and I’d always forget something that cost me money until I started using the software with the billing features.
  • Productivity , goal setting, and gym Management (an absolute must read section of the book that will forever change your business thinking and dealings with others
  • Database Marketing (which has been one of the best marketing tactics I have employed, EVER!) and how exactly how I did it
  • Waivers, actual copies of both my gym contracts and cancellation forms for you to copy
  • Google Adwords to drive prospects to your gym over your competitors (you’d be surprised how many gym owners know absolutely nothing about this, and I get at least 5 clicks per day of targeted traffic, other words, they were looking specifically for a gym in my town but didn’t know where to go. I’ll explain it all.
  • Mailing List Companies to buy local names and addresses from for your targeted marketing efforts.
  • All books and web resources I use and recommend that made me creative and taught me all about business and marketing.
  • How I sold my gym for 5x more than what it cost to build, and the hell it COULD have been, but turned out as a great blessing in the last minute
  • Book and resources that help make me successful (I’d have paid hundreds of dollars for this list alone, You’ll See!!)

This is a 100% complete guide of how to Market a Fitness Center, also includes exactly How to Convert an Existing Fitness Center into a 24 Hour Fitness Center. Converting into a 24 hour gym freed me from 16 hour days stuck in the gym to only 4 hours a day 4 days a week, No Joke!


I turned my gym business around completely and figured out on my own what no other gym owner would tell me, and I don’t blame them, after all they learned the way I did.

how to advertise a gym


Just picture going to work everyday at your dream job like I do.

Now I get up earlier and stay later in my business because I have a passion for what I do, but now that I have a systems in place to run my business marketing for me. I learned to hire a great gym manager, convert my gym to a 24 hour access club, and automate most of my Gym marketing processes, so I can concentrate on writing books about how to open and run fitness centers and how to market your club once open.


    It’s downloadable to any device so you can read it anywhere anytime

Get 12 years of Gym Marketing knowledge for Only $17.95

Guaranteed for 6 months, If you get through the marketing section alone and don’t get 10x your money worth, simply request a refund and I’ll happily grant your wish because I’ve sold hundreds of copies and seen gym’s use it and turn around completely and quickly. 

I won’t lie, but many that bought this manual have not used it because it does take work to take a failing gym into a success. If your not willing to do the work, then go ahead and fold up your gym business like a 7th grade love note.

Here’s what happens when you use even one of these marketing tactics and see results. You get so excited that you get energized and can’t wait to do the next one, and the next one, and……………………..


Your competition will if you won’t

No other gyms in my town do any marketing at all except maybe a radio commercial once a year at best, and they let the salesperson at the radio station write the ad, and it turns out horrific. You know the one, with the skits of two people talking bad about another gym.

Those gym radio ads never bring people in, not just because the ad writing sucked, but because their ad has no benefit at all to make someone laying on their couch at home relaxing want to get up and get dressed and come to your gym and hand you their hard earned money. Ad’s have to be written well and make your prospect do something like go to your website, call, or come in. I’ll give you dozens of the actual ads I ran including the actual audio examples so you can hear the ad itself, also with how to measure exactly what ads work and how many


With this book you could open any business with all the info it gives you on marketing and managing any business, not just a gym business.

Also learn Google AdWords!!!

The Marvel tool for Marketing.

The most underutilized tool for your business locally or regionally, BUT BEWARE!!! you can spend thousands on accident if you don’t know what you’re doing, I explain in dept how to utilize this marvel of marketing, from how to write a great ad and how to test many versions of ads to find what works best

Here’s an example of a couple building a gym with this info

“… My husband and I are in the beginning stages of starting our own personal training studio, we were so happy to stumble across Shannon’s book. We noticed that Shannon said he would be willing to answer a few questions we had, so we called him. What a great guy, we could tell he was very genuine and cared even though we had never met him before! I loved the parts in the book about what Using Psychology to find out what color to paint in your gym, I would never have thought about how the color choices we make affect our clients. We were actually already considering red as the main color, now we know better.

-Nicole and Jon | Michigan

Here’s a testimonial from Will Herring, former NFL Linebacker for New Orleans Saints that used this book to build his gym in Auburn, Alabama

I found Shannon’s book online and read it because I always wanted to start a gym but didn’t know what kind of gym or how to even get started. Being in the NFL i travel non-stop and needed freedom to not be bothered with constant calls about gym stuff. I hired Shannon to help me after I read his book. He traveled to me and helped me get everything going with the 24 hour system and most importantly helped me with the website and all marketing. I got it opened and am still in business today with less headache than I thought possible because I have a 24 hour system and marketing system in place.

Former NFL Saints LB | Will Herring #54

“The Most Complete Gym Marketing how to
You’ll Find — Anywhere!”


Gym Marketing

This book contains over 130 pages, many with actual pictures of marketing materials I use.  I like to SEE words, not just read them

Just $17.95 to learn everything about Fitness Center Marketing and as a bonus you’ll learn How to convert your gym into a 24 hour Fitness Center

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Shannon Cook, former owner of Temple Gym in Northport Alabama, which he built from scratch, and sold for over 6 x what it cost to start.

This book tells everything from starting to marketing. After 3 years of being open I converted Temple Gym into a 24 hour fully automated access gym and 24 hour Tanning system and stayed that way until I sold it 10 years after starting the gym.

Now get the book that will change your gym owning life!!!

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