How to start or Convert your Gym into a 24 hour fully Automated Gym, Then Manage and Market it once open.

Imagine getting to interview a Gym Owner/Marketer/Manager of a decade old Fitness Center for 6 hours for less than $40

I’ve spent Ten years writing this book and thousands of dollars in mistakes, marketing trails, bad employees, bad members, low cost gym’s opening near by, and converting to an automated 24 hour gym from scratch with no help in figuring out a system for everything.

By: Shannon Cook, Gym Owner, Marketing Consultant, former construction contractor, and landlord.

Also included: Learn to ensure your success after opening with the marketing techniques that saved my fledgling gym.

 How to open or convert a gym into a 24 hour gym

Picking the right location for your gym

The build out and dealing with the landlord and contractors from a gym owner/general contractor himself

 Learn why I got sued for $190,000 and lost




Because I DID EVERYTHING WRONG BEFORE I DID ANYTHING RIGHT, yes, I know I sound like the great flip flopper John Kerry, but fortunately I stuck with it and found some very successful businessmen to guide me, and I innovated by turning my gym into a 24 hour fully automated gym, then SPENT OVER $20,000 and 3 Years TO LEARN MARKETING THE OLD FASHIONED WAY.


 Here’s What You’ll Learn:


  • What system to use for your 24 hour Gym Access System
  • What billing Systems I use
  • My terrible experiences with employees that sucked and how not to make the same mistake I did


  • Customer Service
  • What Publication magazines to subscribe to strictly for gym owners and for Tanning Salons

  • Deciding what kind of gym you want to open

  • Incorporating or LLC?

  • Partnerships, do or don’t

  • Franchise

  • Buy an Existing Club

  • Business Plan and Executive Summary

  • Writing the Plan

  • Funding your Start up

  • Accounting for every dollar, for success

  • Naming your Gym

  • Becoming a Spy

  • Location, Location, Location

  • Electrical

  • Lighting

  • Air Conditioner and Heat Electrical needs

  • Cable or Satellite hook up

  • Phone service

  • Negotiating the Lease

  • Choosing signage for Marketing your Gym

  • Painting the interior of your gym

  • Insurance

  • Plans Drawn up for the building

  • The Build out

  • Getting the Permit for the Build out

  • Mirrors

  • Gym Equipment

  • Parts for gym equipment

  • Flooring

  • Pro Shop Vendors

  • Office Equipment

  • Security System

  • Automated Door Access System

  • Gym Management Software

  • Energy Efficiency in your building

  • Motion Switches for Lighting

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Sound Systems and Cardio Theaters

  • Electronic Funds Transfer, (EFT) Bank Draft

  • Accepting Credit Cards

  • Childcare

  • Waivers

  • Hiring Employees

  • Hiring Personal Trainers

  • WIFI for members to use

  • Lockers for your locker room

  • Press Release Writing

  • Marketing Checklist

  • Email Marketing

  •  How to build a complete website, like mine, complete with a real virtual tour video that will presale memberships better than any marketing materials you have, by using the FREE wordpress software and YouTube to host your virtual tour video.

  • Google Adwords to drive prospects to your gym over your competitors (you’d be surprised how many gym owners know absolutely nothing about this, and I get at least 5 clicks per day of targeted traffic, other words, they were looking specifically for a gym in my town but didn’t know where to go, I’ll explain it all.

  • The Grand Opening

  • Mailing List Companies to buy local names and addresses from for your targeted marketing efforts.

  • Social Networking

So you ACTUALLY do have a COMPLETE MANUAL on how to open a fitness center from scratch.

If you want to know all the WRONG THINGS I DID, here they are

  • When I opened I picked the wrong location

  • used the wrong subcontractors

  • bought exercise equipment from the wrong people and also bought the wrong equipment

  • finished my concrete floor with too little sealer

  • painted some rooms the wrong colors for the right psychological effect (which you’ll learn)

  • Made the tanning bed rooms too small

  • Offered childcare when I wasn’t set up for it correctly

  • Hired the wrong employees

  • Hired the wrong personal trainers

  • Installed the wrong size air conditioner

  • Signed contracts for phone lines that I could have negotiated for a lot less

  • Used the wrong lighting

  • GOT SUED FOR $190,000 because of a contract that really didn’t exist (here’s where I made my biggest mistake by believing lady justice is blind, when really she has one eye open, and she’s looking for the most $$$, not justice), so learn what not to do from my terrible choice in buying an existing gym and not getting the right info for an informed decision, and I’ll tell you everything you need to get.


I then turned my business around completely and figured out on my own what no other gym owner would tell me, and I don’t blame them, after all, they learned the way I did.

Do you dream of starting a gym, Tanning salon, Yoga studio, personal training studio, boxing, wrestling, Pilates, or specialized women’s gym?

But don’t know where to start



Just picture going to work everyday at your dream job like I do. I get up earlier and stay later because I have a passion for what I do, but now that I have a system in place to run my gym for me, through hiring a great gym manager, converting my gym to a 24 hour access club, and automating most of my marketing process, I can concentrate on writing books about how to open and run fitness centers and how to market your club once open.



I will guide you through every part of the process from scouting locations, negotiating with landlords, colors to paint, electrical calculations, dealing with contractors or be your own, how and where to buy your gym and tanning equipment, signage, insurance for regular hours and 24 hour automated gyms, security system, 24 hour access system, automated lighting systems, how to price your memberships, how to write ads, and much, much more


Funding your Dream!You’ll discover many ways to get the funding you need for your gym even in hard economic times.


MYTH’s I dispel in the book



MYTH #1 – You can’t make any money in the gym business with the price slashing going on.


You’ll see who told me this and why they couldn’t make any $$ in the gym business.


MYTH #2 — You have to offer everything all the other gyms do to compete


Boy, I blew this myth out with my gym being 1/3 the size of the other gyms in town, and now their the one’s struggling to make $75,000 a month just to cover the overhead to stay in business. I’ll tell you how to do it too.


MYTH #3 – Marketing only works if you spend $$$Thousands per month to keep you name out there.


Most of my competitors do what I call “wasp nest marketing”, they get a radio ad salesman (the wasp) in their office and freak out because he or she is flying all over with figures and they start just hitting the wasp with money to get them gone, it works for the wasp but not many results are forthcoming, but a month later the pesky wasp returns to his nest to see if he can sting you again, and again.


I tell you what marketing things to avoid that will never produce fast steady leads.


My all time favorite! I spend all of $3000 a year for my entire campaigns total. Because I target my market and use a mailing list, and don’t do any of the insane crap like sponsoring a cheerleading camp for a local Jr. High School that no one sees or even cares who sponsored them.


But best of all, no other gyms in my town do any marketing at all accept maybe a radio commercial once a year at best, and they let the salesperson at the radio station write the ad, and it’s horrific, you know the one, with the skits of two people talking bad about another gym.


Those never bring people in, not just because the ad writing sucked but it did, but because their ad has no benefit at all to make someone laying on their couch at home relaxing want to get up and get dressed and come to your gym and hand you their hard earned money. Ad’s have to be great and have benefits to work.



I will venture to say that with this book you could open any business with all the info it gives you on land, buildings, negotiations, build out, electrical requirements, how to check any building out structurally, and my marketing advice can be used in any business, period!


BONUS:You will get some of the actual ads that I wrote and run monthly successfully, that you can use for your gym.



Google AdWords!!!


The Marvel tool for Marketing.


The most underutilized tool for your business locally or regionally, BUT BEWARE!!! you can spend thousands on accident if you don’t know what you’re doing, I explain in dept how to utilize this marvel of marketing, from how to write a great ad and how to test many versions of ads to find what works best


Then I’ll tell you what settings you’ll need to check and which ones to uncheck so you don’t end up having ads everywhere they don’t need to be and costing you clicks that cost you money.


You even get to see one of my campaigns, how many clicks I got and for which keywords and even how much per click and what area the person is clicking from. I show you everything



A couple building a gym with this info




My husband and I are in the beginning stages of starting our own personal training studio, we were so happy to stumble across Shannon’s book and website at We noticed that Shannon said he would be willing to answer a few questions we had, so we called him. What a great guy, we could tell he was very genuine and cared even though we had never met him before! I loved the parts in the book about what Using Psychology to find out what color to paint in your gym, I would never have thought about how the color choices we make affect our clients. We were actually already considering red as the main color, now we know better.




Nicole and Jon



“The MostComplete

gym opening how to
You’ll Find — Anywhere!”



I think it’s important you know…


The book contains over 175+ pages with pictures of marketing materials I use and many pictures for visualization of the exact information you need to get the vision of where you are going in the gym business.



How to get your dream built or bought, and where to get funded

Where to go to get all your equipment

Access control system and security system info for 24 hour club



How to hire the best employees and an awesome manager

And how to fire anyone without all the stress you feel before the event



Marketing basics, mailing list, how to write ads, radio ads, grand opening marketing

Gym software you must have for a successful operation

Managing a successful gym

Much, much more!

I’m going to give you “how to open a gym from scratch”

for the ridiculously low investment of $39.99

For $39.99 you will have every ounce of info you’ll ever need to build, start, manage, and learn basic marketing skills, and be successful in the gym business.

Where else can you learn all this for $39.99 from someone who paid over $200,000 for their education, and over 15 years in the building industry

 I’m going to give you the next 182.5 days to try it, if you dont like it, you’ll get a full refund!!!



No expensive shipping costs and no waiting!



This is a downloadable e-book that will you will have access to immediately!




Here’s how to order right now!



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